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Which Type of Accountant is Right for You?

  • Posted 2nd August 2015

Which Type of Accountant is Right for You?

Is your business poorly managed? If yes, you need to find and choose a right type of accountant who can help you with the smooth operation of your business. But, wait before you jump into choosing accountants, you first must know about the types of accountants available. Forensic accountants Specialist forensic accountants are the ones who specialises in a special area of forensic accounting. Such accountants are trained to provide accounting and auditing services as well as investigate in financial and business related issues. Due to this quality, they usually assist solicitors, government agencies and business owners. Securities and insurance fraud, embezzlement, and bankruptcies are the crimes that forensic accountants investigate on. As a result of this investigation, they are able to deal with issues related to financial losses and provide an accounting analysis suitable for hearing in the courts. Management accountants Management accountants are those who can deal with the financial needs of a business or individual in a daily basis. They are trained individuals and can easily deal with bookkeeping, investments, budgeting, tax returns and financial affairs in an efficient way. So, if you have SMEs, you should hire a management accountant to take care of your financial affairs and make your business financially sound. Corporate finance accountants A corporate finance accountant develops strategy and planning for large businesses on their corporate transactions to help them grow their business. They provide advice in buying or selling a company, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, private equity and securing venture capital finance to reduce the financial risk of a business. If you have a large organisation, an outdated advice can affect the finance greatly. This is why professional corporate finance accountants are vital in managing your organisation's money. Tax Accountants Whether you are an individual or a business, you are obliged you need to complete, submit and pay correct tax returns to the government in a right time. And, to reduce this burden, specialist tax accountants can be of great help. As they can prepare your all types of tax returns and financial tax reports,understand the intricacies of tax laws and tax codes, no one is in a better position to handle this complex area than the tax accountant themselves.

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