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Is ‘7 Day Working Policy’ Fair for Doctors?

  • Posted 30th July 2015

Is ‘7 Day Working Policy’ Fair for Doctors?

With the constant ongoing debate on ‘seven working policy’ between Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the GPs, anyone can assume that this battle will not settle easily. As the government seven day policy has been already declared, so is the war between the government and the British Medical Association representing doctors. Contrary to this fact, is it fair for all the doctors to work even in the weekends? Well, it would not be right to impose this rule on the doctors because, like every normal individual, they too have a family and a personal life. So, such rule about working 24/7 without any weekends off is not reasonable. accountants However, the GPs have worked on the weekends before, provided their services and worked more hours than they were supposed to when their skills were needed urgently. At the same time, there is another challenge that how will the NHS fund this new policy when it struggling to keep up with the present services. This means there may be some cuts in the wages of the doctors, which again is a minus point for them. On the other hand, some GPs are already retiring since the policy has been announced. If the seven days working scheme is fully published and applied, then it would be wrong for government to think that doctors and GPs working seven days a week will improve the quality of life and hopefully decrease death rates. The weariness and fatigue they have mounted up will surely affect their work. It is better that the government should come up with something rational. That’s because if this rule remains unchanged the number of GPs leaving work will surely increase in no time. If you are working as a doctor or a GP working under the NHS, do share your opinions on this issue via email info@harleystreetaccountants.co.uk.  

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