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What Should Dentists Look for in an Accountant?

  • Posted 13th March 2015

What Should Dentists Look for in an Accountant?

Treating patients is the main concern of all medical professionals. With the constant pressure to maximise their time on treating patients, many medical professionals hardly manages time to check their finance. Medical professional like dentists can take help from an expert accountant to ensure the systematic operation of their finance resulting in more money in their bank account. If you are a dentist, consider choosing a pro-active firm of dental accountants who can deal with your finances and taxes efficiently. In return, you will get to spent more time for the treatment of your patients. Here are some qualities that dental accountants should possess.


Due to the maximum time spent on treating patients, dentists juggle between routine NHS commitments with personal work. Going through the books and accounts are the last thing that occupies a dentist’s daily routine. As a dentist, you have to manage time between different things. A good accountant understands the importance of your time and can make amendments to opening hours according to your situation.


Like any other professional, you as a dentist have unique accounting and tax requirements. That is why the accountants you choose must be specialised and experienced in all the matters of your sector. To ensure you get the right person to do your accounts, you need to research first and make a list of such specialist accountants. If you are not convinced, you can always ask them about their past satisfied clients.


You should look for an accountant with many years of expertise on dental industry. Such accountants are familiar with NHS pensions, inheritance tax planning and other related issues to your sector. So, whenever you look for an accountant, make sure to check their specialisation and if they can offer a sound financial advice or not.

Online facilities

Online portals are growing popularity due to its easy use which enables medical professionals like you to upload and complete accounting information at any time. This means you can update your accounts before work and between appointments from home with your mobile or tablets. So, look for online facilities when searching for an accountant.


Hidden costs are something you should be aware of. It is because some accountancy firms will surprise you with extra charges. While such firms offer nasty surprises, some offer fixed fess with free initial consultation. So, choose firms offering transparency in their fee structure to be free from any hidden charges. If you want expert dental accountants to handle your finance, you can reach us at info@phoenixtaxaccountancy.co.uk.

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