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Importance of Cost Accounting in the Medical Practice

  • Posted 11th March 2015

Importance of Cost Accounting in the Medical Practice

If you are in a medical practice, your patients come first than anything else. When you are busy taking care of your patients, you have hardly enough time to look into your accounts. Although your primary focus should be on them, you should not forget to deal with the aspects of the accounting and finances of the practice you are in. Having a basic understanding of cost accounting is a necessity for flourishing in your practice. That is where a qualified accounting assistance becomes of a great help. The accountants take care of the cost accounting helping in the planning, controlling, organizing and decision making process. Here are few reasons on how the cost accounting plays an important part in the growth of your medical practice.

Helps to understand classification and sub-division of cost

Most medical professionals are only concerned about the profit failing to observe the costs and profits associated with each provided service. You shouldn’t be one of them. The cost accounting involves Relative Value Unit (RVU) approach and the Activity Based Cost (ABC) approach. Cost accounting is very useful for understanding the costs as it classifies cost and income through all the sub- divisions. Finally, the data collected regarding the costs by departments, products, and services can be calculated very easily helping you to understand the costs incurred in each production.

Helps in decision making

Most of the decisions in your practice are made keeping the correct statements in account. Your cost accounting system becomes an analytical tool for decision making. Without it, the decisions you make may not be effective as it should be. From delivering specific services to eliminating some from your offered services to your patients, having a proper cost accounting will help in relevant decision making.

Helps in disclosure of profitable products

Cost accounting analyses each units which helps to identify the most profitable and product with loss very easily. With this data, your accountant can help you in decision regarding which all activities that is to be promoted or not in your medical practice.

Helps in controlling material, supplies and staff cost

In cost accounting, material and supplies are allocated in terms of departments, jobs or service. With the use of techniques like value analysis, standardization, the clinical material and supplies cost can be controlled. This also helps in minimizing losses from defective and outdated materials. Apart from this, cost accounting analyses the time spent by each staff and wage rate of each staff enabling to find the correct cost of labour by measuring the efficiency of labour force. Thus, such expenses can be controlled.

Helps in checking the general accounts

Cost accounting makes it easy to check the reliability of general accounts. It can easily determine the exact cost for the decrease or increase of profit and loss accounts. Thus, proper measures can be adopted to avoid any loss. Cost accounting analyses each units of the costs involved and helps to monitor the financial aspects of your medical practice. If you are looking for the accounting services for growing your medical practice, get in touch with our accountants today.    

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