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5 Best Tips for Choosing a Payroll Service

  • Posted 23rd March 2015

5 Best Tips for Choosing a Payroll Service

Are you a business owner and having difficulty managing your payroll? If you are, you do not have to worry as there are number of companies specialising in payroll services for every types of businesses. To get the right payroll service provider that can understand your payroll needs, you need to learn these five important things before choosing a one.


Before you search for payroll service in Google, ask your close friends and relatives about their previous good encounters with one. Coming recommendations from someone you trust can actually help you know the unbiased view about the service providers. After you have list of the providers, contact them and ask about the references from their previous clients. This way you will also know about their reputation and complaints if there have been any.

Special Features

A great payroll service offer many special services for businesses. Apart from the basic ones, look into payroll service features like customised reports, employee benefits, retirement plans, addition into your HR software, and more. Such payroll service with extra features will only add benefits to your business. So, look for these features before deciding on one.


Price is very important. After checking what payroll service providers offer you, you can easily determine whether the price is fair enough or not. On the other hand, it is equally important to be aware about hidden fees that some companies will not mention you about. To know what you are getting into, a detailed breakdown of the bill will be of great help.


Are you able to access the payroll information from your payroll service? This is something you need to consider before choosing a one. While some payroll services allow access to a secure site to view about payroll history, some offers an option of tax or email. Even though being able enter information anytime, anywhere from a web browser is very convenient, it is totally up to you to choose or not. It is because you are suppose to choose the medium which best works for you.

Customer Service

Payroll services includes a customer service. That is why you need to check if the service provides a level of accuracy, integrity, response time, professionalism and customer service to you or not. Hence, it is recommended you understand the policies of such providers with customer service before settling into one. If you want a payroll service that can please your payroll needs, remember all the above mentioned aspects when searching for a one. To know more about payroll services, you contact our accountants at 020-7060-9556.

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