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Professional Dentistry North 2016

  • Posted 20th October 2016

Professional Dentistry North 2016

Professional Dentistry is hosting the dentistry event for all the professionals in the dental sector. If you are in this profession, this can be a great opportunity to know the important aspects of taxes, be on top of your finance and to expand your networks. 1928...

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  • Posted 16th August 2016

How Brexit Affects Taxation

As the citizens of the UK opted for brexit on June 23, the aftermath will not be shown immediately as it may take 2 years to for the process to fully start. So, today we are presenting you some certain changes in the tax laws that can impact the businesses in the UK subsequently. 1895...

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  • Posted 26th June 2016

Who Should Register for Vat?

Should I register for VAT or not? This is the common query that most of the business owners have. Usually, VAT registration is necessary for all types of businesses when they exceed a certain threshold. 1883...

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  • Posted 15th June 2016

What is a Defined Contribution Pension Scheme?

A defined contribution is a pension pot that is build up with your contributions and employer’s contributions and investment returns and tax relief from the government. It is of two types known as trust based schemes and contract based schemes. The former type is managed by a board of trustees whereas the later type is managed by a pension provider appointed by the employer. 1877...

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  • Posted 31st May 2016

EU Referendum

  On Thursday 23rd June 2016, a referendum (voting) is being held to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union (EU). The British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 residing in the UK are eligible to vote. The UK nationals living abroad who have been on the electoral register in the UK in the past 15 years are also eligible to vote. 1869...

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  • Posted 25th May 2016

What is a Statutory Account?

If you have a Limited Company in the UK and never prepared statutory accounts, you should make a one right away. That’s because these accounts should be provided to the shareholders to let them know about your company’s financial performance. Commonly referred as annual accounts, such accounts must be filed with Companies House every year. This type of account helps to report the company’s taxable profit or loss in accurate manner and find out the corporation tax due to HMRC if there is...

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  • Posted 22nd May 2016

Things to Consider Before Transferring a Pension

While you decide to transfer your pension, you need to take an account of several things related to it. As there are many risks involved along with the benefits, transferring pension may help you gain or lose the benefits of your current pension. Therefore, it is very essential to take time and figure out both merits and demerits to make a right decision. If you are thinking of transferring your pension, you need to consider some important factors seriously before you make the move. 1851...

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  • Posted 19th May 2016

Top 5 Reasons that Incur Tax Penalties

Tax penalties can be huge depending upon the factors that caused it. It can range from 100% to 200% that can take up to thousands of pounds every tax year. So, if you aren’t aware of certain factors that incur penalties, you won’t be able to mitigate risk in time. Here are some factors causing tax penalties that shouldn't be practiced. 1848...

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  • Posted 11th May 2016

What are the Tax Reliefs Available?

Generally, everyone wants to reduce the amount of tax as much as possible. For reducing such tax liability, a tax relief program has been introduced. While most types of relief are automatic, some are aren't so you need to write to HMRC and apply for it. As a tax payer, such tax reliefs allow you to deduct some expenses or payments from your total income. Consequently, you will be able to pay less tax and save some amount of money. 1841...

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  • Posted 9th May 2016

Top Seven Tips to Save Capital Gains Tax

Capital gain tax is the tax on the profit made from selling, disposing, transferring or gifting a non-inventory asset like shares, bonds, property, and antiques. This means you only have to pay tax on the profit gained and not on the whole amount of money you received for the assets. And, to avoid this tax, there are certain rules that you can apply. 1835...

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